Worship Service

Sunday Morning 


Sunday School, Adult Bible Classes and

Adult Confirmation Classes start at 9:00 am.  

Join us after Worship for fellowship, coffee and tasty treats.  Come and share time with us at Holy Cross.

Coming This Sunday

The Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany

February 5, 2023

Throughout the Scriptures, God reveals that He does not look at outward appearances, but looks at the heart to see true repentance and love. Jesus has come to fulfill the Law, every iota and dot, the fine markings applied to Greek words. By fulfilling the law, Jesus sacrificial death gives this perfect righteousness to His people, so that their lives are filled with true worship.

Message – True Light, True Worship

Pastor – Adrian Piazza

Holy Communion will be offered

Mission and Ministry

Our mission statement: “To glorify Jesus Christ through extending His Kingdom by Caring, Equipping and Sending people to change the world.”

Our desire is to connect people to Jesus because He is the only hope for the world.

The head of the church is Jesus Christ, and His life and ministry reflect certain values that guide us in everything that we do. We have five Core Values: Worship, Education, Mission, Service, and Fellowship

Welcome to the Holy Cross Lutheran Church web site.  We are glad you have stopped by as we gather before the altar of God the Father and beneath the cross of His Son, Jesus Christ.  These are big days for our little congregation and we want you to share in our excitement with the spiritual leadership of Pastor James Myers and pray that together we will grow in spirit and in numbers.

In God’s Word today we hear about faith – no matter how little – that can accomplish great things in God’s Kingdom.  But we also hear a warning for those who would water down the Gospel and become a stumbling block to the faithful.

How are we called to respond to those who get in the way of the message of Christ Crucified?  We call them to repent and then we forgive them.  The church is in the forgiveness business.  Faith, even a mustard seed sized faith clings to Jesus.

We are called to be faithful but also to remove the stumbling blocks that would cause other to lose faith.  We are all unworthy servants and yet have been given a great responsibility with the faith we have.  Faith is active and busy and even just a little can be used to bring the assurance of salvation to all who will hear.